Customizing the design in a Unite app

Customizing your Unite app's design is a breeze with the updated Design window in Unite 5. Found under 'Settings', the Design window gives you granular control over your app's look and feel. Here are the steps to follow and options you can customize:

  1. Open your Unite app and select your app's name in the menu bar.
  2. Navigate to 'Preferences' (⌘ ,), and then 'Design'.

In the Design window, you can:

  • Choose a Window Level: Select 'Normal' for a standard macOS window or 'Floating' to make the window float over all other windows.
  • Toggle Window Shadow: Decide if you want the standard macOS shadow behind your app window.
  • Select a Custom Font: Change the font for sites within your app, or reset to the default font.
  • Choose a Custom Window Color: Customize your app's URL bar color. By default, Unite matches the primary site colors.
  • Manage Title Display: Decide if you want to show the site title and/or icon in the window title bar.
  • Control Title Visibility: Opt to display the tab title instead of the app title in the window title bar, or hide the window title bar entirely. Note that hiding the title bar also removes the window's close, minimize, and resize button toggles.
  • Set Appearance: Choose to follow the webpage default, align with macOS settings, or set to dark mode.
  • Control Toolbar Button: Hide or show the toolbar button as per your preference.
  • Set Tab Bar Close Side: Choose whether the close button should be on the left or right side of the tab bar.
  • Manage Progress Indicator: Choose whether to display the progress indicator.

This advanced customization ability in Unite 5 means your app can be tailored to suit your aesthetics and usage patterns, helping to create a more personalized, seamless experience.

A Twitter macOS app created in Unite 4 set to dark mode with the window title, icon, and titlebar hidden.
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