How to use Unite apps

Interface basics

Once your Unite app is created, there are many ways to use it and customize it. After launching your app, you will see the new in-app interface.

There are a few things to note right off the bat: firstly, the title bar of the window automatically adjusts to match the primary color of the website (as seen in highlight 1). This is applicable across all sites (and so, for example, a YouTube site would be white/black depending on if user is in dark mode), and provides a more seamless experience. The other thing you’ll notice is the button (2) on the right of the window. This brings up the new control center.

The control center allows the user to temporarily access traditional web browser functions like tabs, the URL bar, and downloads. It also features a home button to return to the primary URL of the app, and preferences button to access preferences. The user can collapse the bar at any time by pushing the collapse button on the right.

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