Getting Started with Unite

Prerequisites & System Requirements

In order to use Unite, you'll need to be using macOS 10.14 or greater. After the trial period, you'll also need a licensed copy - which can be acquired directly from BZG or can be used as part of the Setapp subscription bundle.

Additionally, since Unite writes applications to your applications folder, you'll either need to be running as admin or save your apps to another writable location. To change the save location for Unite apps, go to Unite in the menu bar → Preferences.

Interface Overview

When you launch Unite, you'll immediately be greeted with the Unite creation tool. This is where you'll create your Unite apps. Follow the numbers to learn each function of the Unite creation tool:

  1. The new Unite creation tool automatically adjusts between light mode and dark mode depending on your system setting. While you can not individually set the theme of the Unite app, you can do so within your created applications.
  2. Unite should instantly grab an icon for your app based on whatever URL you entered in the first input field. If it didn't, make sure you entered your URL correctly and used http://. A small number of sites may not feature a favicon. If you wish to use a custom icon from your Mac, hover on the icon area and click once you see an image of a face.
  3. Here you will see three buttons. Each of these enables a major feature of Unite within your Unite app. To learn more about each feature, you can hover over the icons for a moment.
  4. Ignore this please :-)
  5. New to Unite 4, Unite can now not only generate an icon for your app, but also customize it to have its own color and match the style of Big Sur or Catalina icons. Once you have an icon, push the icon customizer tool and begin making changes. Whatever you do last will be remembered until you change it and will apply to subsequent icons without need for re-input.
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