Managing Settings in Your Unite App

Each Unite application comes with a host of custom settings, allowing you to tailor your experience to your preferences. These settings can be accessed via the 'Settings' menu of your Unite application. One of the key pages within this menu is the 'General' settings page.

  1. Open your Unite app and select your app's name in the menu bar.
  2. Navigate to 'Settings' (⌘ ,).

Here's what you can configure:

  • New window opens: Choose if a new window opens with the home page or remains empty. The default setting is 'Home page'.
  • New tab opens: Decide whether a new tab opens with the home page or stays empty. The default setting is 'Home page'.
  • Closing browser window: Choose if you'd like to receive a warning before closing a window. This feature is off by default.
  • Closing the last browser window: Decide if the action hides the window or closes it. By default, it 'Hides' the window.
  • Save downloads to: Select the destination for your downloads. By default, it's set to 'Downloads'.
  • Always prompt for save: Toggle whether you want to be prompted every time a download starts. This feature is off by default.
  • Notifications: Choose to show dock badges for supported websites. This feature is on by default, with Gmail and Facebook Messenger supported.

Beyond these general settings, Unite offers a multitude of options to customize your application experience:

  • App Settings: Configure core elements of your app, such as the app name, URLs, icon, and modes.
  • Design: Personalize the appearance of your app with options to customize window level, color, font, and more.
  • Behavior: Customize how your app behaves with settings for Spaces behavior, startup actions, link-click behavior, and more.
  • Link Forwarding: Manage your app's link forwarding rules to control where certain links should open.
  • Passwords: Control how your app manages your passwords with options to enable/disable the password manager, search for passwords, and manually add new ones.
  • Shortcuts: Customize your keyboard shortcuts to quickly access frequently used features.
  • Advanced: Delve into more advanced settings to optimize your Unite app experience.

Remember, Unite is all about making your web experience smoother, more efficient, and customized to your needs. Don't hesitate to play around with the settings to get the most out of your Unite applications.

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