Getting Started with Unite 5

Unite makes it incredibly easy to turn any website into an app on your Mac - bridging the gap between the web and native applications. Apps created in Unite use the built-in Unite browser to encapsulate sites in native, isolated, heavily customizable applications.

This guide will introduce you to the Unite interface and walk you through the process of creating your first application.

You'll learn:

Prerequisites & System Requirements

To use Unite, ensure you have the following:

  • macOS 12.0 or greater
  • Admin access or an alternative writable location (To change the save location for Unite apps, navigate to Unite in the menu bar → Preferences.)

Note: If you're upgrading from an older version of Unite, check out our guide on upgrading existing applications.

Upon launching Unite, you'll be greeted by the Unite creation tool. This versatile tool allows you to:

  1. Create an app
  2. View the app library

Create an app

Enter a Name or URL in the 'Search or Create an app from URL' box. Unite intelligently suggests apps based on your input. If a similar app exists, it will be suggested alongside possible new app ideas.

You can also use the 'Create app' button to directly access the application creation interface.

Setting up App Details

On the app creation page, start by entering a Name and primary URL for your app.

Unite automatically fetches a favicon from the primary URL. Alternatively, you can customize the icon by selecting one from your Mac or adjusting its size and color.

You can also enhance your app with additional features:

  • Add Tabs: Include additional tabs that launch whenever your app is started.
  • Customize Links: Set rules for which URLs your app can access and where to redirect non-allowed URLs.
  • Compact Mode: Create compact, widget-like applications that default to the mobile site view.
  • Menu Bar App: Transform your app into a handy tool that sits in the macOS menu bar.

Finally, you can select a custom save location for your app.

When you're done - push Create application. Unite will build your app and place it in your selected folder.

Explore and Manage Apps with the Unite Library

The Unite App Library serves as a hub where you can discover exciting app ideas, search for apps in your library, and manage apps you've created previously.

Suggestions for You

On the main Unite interface, you'll find a list of popular app suggestions. Want to see more? Click the 'See all' button to access our comprehensive Unite app suggestion library.

Library & App Editing

Access your entire Unite app library by clicking the 'Library' button. Here, you have options to:

  • Sort your library by name or date added.
  • Arrange your apps in ascending or descending order.

When you highlight any app row in your library, a pencil icon will appear on the right. This multi-function tool lets you:

  • Edit your app's details.
  • Uninstall apps you no longer need.
  • Launch your app instantly.
  • Reveal your app's location in Finder.

Altering an app's details is as straightforward as creating one. Click the pencil icon to open an interface containing all the same options you used when creating your app. Enjoy the flexibility to customize your apps whenever you need to with Unite.

Congratulations, you now have the knowledge to harness the full potential of Unite! You've learned how to navigate the interface, create and customize your apps, and manage your app library. Remember, Unite is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, but if you ever get stuck or need more information, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team or visit the rest of our documentation.

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