Importing and exporting Coherence apps

You can not share or distribute Coherence apps to unlicensed users. If you are licensed and want to share an app amongst licensed users, read on. If you wish to share a Coherence app broadly, please contact us.

Coherence X allows you to easily import and export app configs. These files contain data for one or more Coherence apps, and allow any other licensed Coherence user to achieve the same setup for one or more of your apps.

It is important to note that export tool only exports the details of a setup (ie: what extensions were used, engine, URLs), not the exact app or any of its specific browsing data.

To use the Import/export tool, launch Coherence and go to Coherence in the menu bar. From there, push Export app config, and select which apps you'd like to include in your config file.

Then, on any other licensed Coherence machine, go to Coherence → Import app config in the menu bar to import the exported config.

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