Updating Coherence apps

Besides for regular updates to the main Coherence creation tool, your created Coherence apps sometimes need to be updated individually. At this time, Coherence apps do not autoupdate. While generally, there is no emergency to update Coherence apps, as their Chrome backend does update automatically, we sometimes push new Coherence-related functions that require to use the Coherence Updater.

Always backup apps before using the Coherence Updater by creating a copy or zip of your apps.

To use the Coherence Updater, launch Coherence. Then in the menu bar, go to Coherence → Updater. Select all apps which you'd like to update.


  • How do I know if my Coherence apps need an update?

    Make sure to read the release notes of each Coherence update to know if an SSB-specific update is available. The updater should also let you know whether or not an update is available/successful, but always be sure to backup just in case.

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