The Coherence Extension

Why is there a Coherence extension?

The Coherence extension was first introduced in Coherence X, and is automatically included in every Coherence app by default. Because Coherence apps are based on third-party browsers, the Coherence extension enables us to add additional functionality that would not otherwise be possible.

The extension is lightweight, offline, and private. We do not see any of your browsing activity ever.

How to use the Coherence extension

To access the Coherence extension, open a new tab by pushing ⌘T. You should see the Coherence extension in the extension section of the window.

Within the Coherence extension, you can do the following:

  • Set whitelisting rules:The majority of the interface is dedicated to setting rules for Intelligent Whitelisting, which allows you to create rules for links within your browser, and send non-compliant links to your default browser. 
  • Toggle Google sign-in/Use Firefox user agent: As of now, you must use Firefox user agent in order to log into Google accounts. Once you are logged in, you can disable the user agent.
  • Proper dock behavior: Without the Coherence extension, closing a Coherence window and clicking on the dock icon will bring up a generic Chrome window. Enabling the extension allows us to remember and bring back the last visited site.

How to disable the Coherence extension

You can turn off the auto-install of the Coherence extension within your Coherence apps by going to Preferences within Coherence and deselecting Automatically include Coherence extension.

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