Getting started with Coherence apps

The basics

Barring a few special cases that should be listed here, you can do anything in your Coherence apps that you could do in a regular instance of your browser. In a standard app, you can push ⌘T to open a new tab.

In a tabbed app, your app will always restore to the last state. Thus, if you set your app to open Slack and Facebook, and then close Slack and open YouTube, your app will launch Slack and YouTube on next open.

Standard apps will always open to the preset URL.

The Coherence extension

Every Coherence app automatically bundles the Coherence extension. At the moment, this extension allows you to customize whitelisting rules and toggle user agent, but will be used for additional functions in the future. You can access the extension at any time by going to Window → Extensions.

The Coherence extension

Google sign-in

Beginning in late 2019, Google began introducing a new 'security' setting that blocked logging into many Google accounts in non-Google, Chrome based apps. While this reads like a serious security decision, it seems in fact to be an anti-competitive tactic, as evident by our easy solution: changing the user agent to Firefox allows you to log in without issue.

Thus, Coherence apps automatically include the Coherence extension, that changes your agent to Firefox whenever a Google sign in. Once you've logged in, you can turn this off by editing your app in the application manager, or by going to the Coherence extension and checking the 'Use Firefox agent' button.

Adding extensions and managing apps

Like any Chrome instance, you can easily manage or add extensions by going to the Chrome Web Store. If you see 'You will need Google Chrome to install most apps, extensions and themes', you need to disable Firefox agent; see the above section. You can also manage extensions by going to Window → Extensions.

You can change app name, icon, and tabs by using the app manager. To learn more about Managing and editing apps, see:

Managing and editing Coherence apps


  • When I close a Coherence window, it launches a generic Google search window

    This behavior only occurs when the Coherence extension is not installed. Please ensure it is installed and activated in the created app.

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