Creating apps in Coherence

Creating an app

Beginning with Coherence X4, the creation process for apps has been streamlined. To get started, push 'Create application' on the main interface.

Selecting a name and icon

You'll first be asked to enter a name for your app - anything should work - and enter a URL. The vast majority of URLs should be supported, however some URLs (such as local URLs), aren't natively supported and may require being opened in the app after creation.

After you enter a URL, Coherence will automatically attempt to grab an icon from the site. However, you can also use a custom icon from your Mac. Once you've selected a base icon, you can give it a custom background, or make it Big Sur/Catalina style by using the preferences icon at the bottom right.

Creating tabbed apps

By using the 'Tabs' button, you can create a tabbed app. These apps access multiple websites on each launch, and have the appearance of a traditional browser window. If you wish to have a single site app that is tabbed, you can do this by using the preferences icon at the bottom right of the create application interface.

An example of a standard (non-tabbed app):

Tabbed app:

Bulk create apps

By pushing the 'add app' button at the bottom of the interface, you can create additional applications that will use the same settings, browser, and extensions that you select in the following steps.

Choose a browser

You'll next be asked to select a backend browser for your app. You can choose to use Chrome, Chrome Canary, Opera, Edge or Brave. If you wish to use one of these browsers but don't have it installed, you can download it directly from Coherence by clicking on a download button.

Import extensions and profiles

Coherence allows you to import extensions and profiles from your selected browser instance. Via the interface, select any extensions or profiles you wish to import. Using the dropdown menu at the bottom right, you can also select which profile to target from your main instance.


  • My extensions or profiles are not appearing in the creation tool

    This can occur for a variety of reasons. Ensure Coherence is using the correct instance of your browser which includes extensions, as well as that Coherence and your browser are located in the applications folder.

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