Customizing App Behavior in Unite

Unite 5 offers you significant control over how your apps behave via the 'Behavior' settings. You can adjust everything from Spaces behavior to link click behavior, spelling and grammar checks, and much more. Follow these simple steps to customize these settings:

  1. Open your Unite app and select your app's name in the menu bar.
  2. Navigate to 'Settings' (⌘ ,), and then 'Behavior'.

Here are the key features you can modify in the Behavior settings:

  • Spaces Behavior: Choose whether your app appears normally or in all macOS spaces. For multitaskers using multiple macOS spaces, having your Unite app appear in all spaces can increase accessibility and improve workflow.
  • On Startup: Decide whether to restore windows and tabs from the last session (enabled by default). If you frequently work with the same set of tabs or windows, having them restore automatically at startup can save you time and help you pick up right where you left off.
  • Site Opened in New Window: You can choose to open a new tab instead (enabled by default). Opening sites in new tabs instead of new windows can help maintain a clean and uncluttered desktop space.
  • Link Click Behavior: Set the app to open all links in the current tab. If you prefer not to have multiple tabs open, you can set all links to open in the current tab, keeping your browsing focused.
  • Auto Refresh Time Interval: Set an auto-refresh interval in seconds (enter 0 to disable; this feature is disabled by default). For webpages that update regularly, such as news sites or stock trading platforms, setting an auto-refresh interval ensures you always have the latest information.
  • Auto Refresh in Status Bar Mode: Choose whether to auto-refresh on each load (disabled by default). Similar to the Auto Refresh Time Interval, this is useful for keeping information up-to-date when your app is in the status bar, giving you easy access to real-time updates without opening the full app.
  • Spelling and Grammar Check: This enables checking for spelling and grammar within your app (enabled by default). For those who use Unite apps for writing or communicating, this feature helps maintain accuracy and professionalism in your language.
  • Links from Other Applications: Decide whether these open in a new tab, the current tab, or a new window. You can also choose to open these in the background (enabled by default). Controlling how links from other applications open can streamline your browsing experience. Opening in the background can be especially useful when you want to continue your current task without interruption.

Customizing your app behavior with these settings allows you to personalize your Unite apps to your needs, offering an enhanced user experience tailored to your preferences.

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